Couples nowadays have become more and more aggressive that some didn’t mind doing indecent things in public. Such as these young lovebirds who were caught doing something that should be done on private.

This guy was caught pleasuring his partner while on a train.
Photo: Facebook/我要紅
The girl seems to pretend like she’s sleeping but they can’t hide what’s really going on down there!
Photo: Facebook/我要紅
Then the awkward scene suddenly turns comical when the guy lets his girl have a smell of his finger. LOL!
Photo: Facebook/我要紅
The girl replied and also makes his boyfriend have a whiff of the magic finger.

The hilariously disgusting video quickly went viral and of course garnered negative comments online.

It’s really alarming that more and more people are doing extreme display of affections in public places and it’s haunting that they’re getting younger and younger.