Do you ever believe in sea monsters? There are many tales about scary creatures being seen in the water and some people claim them to be real. Over the years, a lot of weird creatures went viral around the globe. Just recently, another speculation of a sea monster was found in Russia and it baffled many, including scientists.

Marine biologists are baffled by the creature found washed up on the shoreline of Sakhalin Island in Far East Russia.

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This mystery sea creature had a beak like a bird and fur on its tail.  The strange pre-historic-like”mutant” was very similar to a dolphin but twice as large as a human.

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Another puzzling characteristic is what appears to be the thick long hair hanging off the creature’s bloodied carcass.

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Nikolay Kim, Deputy Head of the Forecasting Department at the Sakhalin Research Institute of Fisheries and Oceanography, said he believed it to be “some big dolphin”.  He said that it is a rare species due to its skin characteristic. Most likely, the animal was brought by a warm current. He doubts that it lived in that area.  Mr. Kim claimed that they often get tropical and subtropical species and when they cool down they stay there and then die.

Pictures of the unusual carcass have caused a sensation on Russian social media, with many local people speculating about what the animal is. One commented that it looks like some mutant sea monster with a beak.

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The thought, however, that it is some kind of dolphin is clouded by the fact that they only have fur in their early stages of life and sheds off shortly after birth.  Also, they only grow to about 8 feet in length. Among the 40 different species of dolphins in the world, the Orca also known as the Killer Whale is the largest which grows up to 31 feet long.

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Incidentally, in 2006, a spooky skeleton was also snapped by soldiers in Sakhalin.

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Initial tests suggested the skeleton wasn’t a fish, alligator or a crocodile, fueling theories that the bones could have been the remains of a pre-historic creature.

After eight years, the creature’s skull gave the animal away. Marine specialists say it is, in fact, a skeleton of a large beluga whale.

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This is a skeleton of a beluga whale.

beluga whale skeletonEducational Biofacts, Inc.

Beluga whales have a broad, rounded head and a large forehead.  Young belugas are usually dark gray in color.

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The identity of the creature still remains a mystery. I just hope it isn’t ferocious like a shark. — Via: Mirror