A mother was about to abort her baby, but she saw her baby’s ultrasound, something amazing happened.

In this video, you’ll see an 11 weeks old baby in her womb that’s kinda look like jumping and dancing. Showing off to his mom.

This video has an incredible story. According to Monica who posted the video on Facebook – this baby was saved at a pregnancy resource center when the mother chose life after seeing the ultrasound. The baby was discovered later to be a boy, 11 weeks 4 days old baby. Precious baby! 🙂

baby inside womb 1
Photo: toogirlish.com

What happened might have been a spun of the moment decision. And very so often, we are not confident of its outcome. We could only hope for the mother of this baby boy that she may realize the holiness and sanctity of her decision.

For those life changing decision like this, we may need to pray and ask for guidance. For we determine life, our lives, by the choices and decisions we make. In everything we do, whether choosing to let this baby live or to the simplest decision of what you are going to eat today, will definitely have an impact to ones future and to others.

baby inside womb 2
Photo: pregnancyvideo.net

It’s really puzzling why there are women who even thought of letting go, such a wonderful opportunity of being a mother when there are others who are not physically able to do it. That is why, it’s always uplifting to hear stories like this because each life is so precious, a gift from above, that we have to treasure.

Thanks to the mother of this baby boy who had a change of heart. Her decision of choosing life will not only have an impact to hers but also to the new life that she is about to mold.

H/T: Monica Barba