Seeing their children dying is the most painful thing for every parent. Unfortunately, there are some heartless parents out there who have the guts to abandon their terminally ill kids and left them to die alone.

Good thing, there are people who have big hearts and are always willing to help. One of them is Mohamed Bzeek, whose home has become a haven for dying children.

Mohamed Bzeek has become a foster father to terminally ill children who have been abandoned by their parents.

His home is a sanctuary for these abandoned sick angels.

Apparently, Mohamed’s empathy for these children started when he was diagnosed with cancer when he was 62 years old. His wife already passed away and his son is handicapped, so had to go to the hospital and face surgery without anyone by his side. Needless to say, he knows exactly what these children feel, he was in their shoes.

Since then, he started caring foster children and has been a foster parent for over 20 years. He takes care of them, loves them, gives them strength and joy they deserve until their final breath.

Mohamed is the only foster parent in Los Angeles County who takes in terminally ill children. He has fostered more than 80 children. Half of those were terminally ill; 10 died in his home.

But his heart of gold gives dying children a sense of security, happiness, joy, and peace that they would otherwise not have without him.

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