What will you do if suddenly found yourself in the police’s missing list and you’re not missing at all? A teenage girl found herself in this exact scenario, she’s at the center of a ‘missing persons’ search by the police, despite simply being in her bedroom.

Erian Thompson from Carindale, Queensland, was listed “as missing” by Queensland Police one Sunday morning.erian-thompson
The police made an appeal on Facebook to help find her. missing-teen-3
But she was not missing at all… Erian hilariously replied to the post and said that she was, in fact, ok.missing-teen

The 17-year-old girl explained that she’s fine, sitting in her bedroom and everything was just a misunderstanding. Despite the embarrassing scene, the police make sure that she’s safe before taking down the post.

A Queensland Police spokeswoman told Daily Mail Australia the girl was located safe and well shortly before 5pm. The missing person’s post was taken down but did not provide further detail about the specific circumstances of the case.

And just before 5pm, Erian made a post on her Facebook page stating, “Officially done here. Any chance there was to fix this is way gone. I’ve had to cut a lot of people out of my life and now I’m not even upset about it. They can go sit in the middle of the highway for all I care.”

However, the “missing appeal” had already been shared at least 800 times by amused Facebook users.

Via: Daily Mail