Ghosts and any kind of paranormal activities are like aliens, it’s a highly debated topic. Though ghosts are already part of our culture, many are skeptics about it. However if you’re on the believer side and happens to be experiencing these freaky phenomenon, the frightening feeling is off the scale. And even a self-proclaim “ghost expert” like Michael Magee who had a positive outlook on ghost can’t escape this dreadful feeling.

Michael Magee claims he’s been followed and haunted by ghosts since 2009.
Image credit: Michael Magee
But unlike any other claims of being haunted, he has an extensive archive of videos to prove it.
Image credit: Michael Magee
His popular YouTube channel even reveals his scary paranormal encounters.
ghost 1
Image credit: Michael Magee
However, like any other paranormal claims, Magee also faces skeptics and mythbusters.
Image credit: Michael Magee
Critics said the videos are outright fakes while some think it was just vastly misinterpreted.
ghost 3 copy
Image credit: Michael Magee
But that doesn’t stop these videos from being strangely hair-raising. See it for yourself!

What do you think? Is Magee faking it or is it for real? Share your thoughts below.

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