We’ve seen different kinds of marriage proposals on the internet and we never get tired of watching them. Some people even reminisced their own proposal while some teared up by the overflowing love they’ve witnessed. The love story of Michael and Elizabeth Grace is probably not different from them but how their relationship bloomed is what makes it very memorable and special.

It all started with a profile pic…

michael elizabeth1Photo: youtube.com

Michael saw Elizabeth’s profile picture wearing a Mets jersey and as a Mets fan, she caught his attention and they decided to meet. He took her to dinner and soon they became a couple.

michael elizabethcPhoto: howheasked.com

But the most amazing thing about their relationship is how committed Elizabeth is to Michael’s son like he was her own.

michael elizabethbPhoto: howheasked.com

The relationship between Michael Jr. and Elizabeth showed him that she’s for keeps and it’s time to propose…and so he did!

michael elizabethaPhoto: howheasked.com

Watch the romantic proposal:


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Nothing could be more special than having a wife who can accept you wholeheartedly and would love your child as her own. Elizabeth truly deserves this one of a kind marriage proposal.