There are a lot of sweet love stories that touches us, but the following you’re about to see are very unusual. Why? Because It doesn’t end up “Happily ever after”, but ended in marriage “a marriage to the dead.” The following stories are real life events in which death doesn’t end a relationship. “True love” two words that define these tragic love stories.



3. French Woman Married Her Dead Boyfriend

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“We expected to bring up our son together. I never wanted to do it alone, but fate decided otherwise. Now I am his wife and I will always love him.” Said Karen Jumeaux who married her dead boyfriend Anthony Maillot who was killed in a road accident two years ago before the said wedding occur.

The couple met in 2007 and had a baby boy in 2009, shortly before his death at the age of 20. Witnessed by family and friends Karen Married Anthony in a white dress at the town hall ceremony in Dizy-le-Gros, eastern France.

The wedding was made possible through the permission of President Sarkozy. Karen wrote to President and ask permission for a posthumous wedding, which was granted because she  proved that they were already planning to get married.

Source: dailymail

2. The Woman Who Married Her Dead Fiance In a Morgue


The heartbroken mother who “married” her murdered fiance in a hospital morgue has vowed to bring his killers to justice. Irish father-of-two Kevin Lavelle, 29, was viciously battered with an iron bar in a gruesome gang attack while working away from home to raise money for his wedding to fiancee Michelle Thomas.

The caring dad was attacked by nine louts and beaten to death as he returned to his lodgings in Banbury, Oxfordshire. Nobody has even been brought to justice over the brutal attack. But even death could not keep him and Michelle apart. Despite her unbearable pain, Michelle organised a “wedding” in the morgue of Oxford’s John Radcliffe Hospital, where Kevin lay dead.

In front of an open coffin, the priest blessed wedding rings that Michelle had bought specially for the service.The touching ceremony – witnessed by close family and friends – was conducted by the hospital’s Catholic priest who administered the last rites to Kevin. Their two children James, now five, and Megan, now four, went to their daddy’s funeral wearing the clothes they would have worn to their parents’ wedding. The priest asked Michelle if she would have taken Kevin to be her “lawful wedded husband” and she replied “I do”. Kevin’s dad Paddy placed a ring on Michelle’s finger and a ring was placed on Kevin’s finger as he lay in the coffin. Michelle said: “It’s what Kevin would have wanted and I wanted to declare my undying love for him.

“As far as I am concerned, I married Kevin on that day. It should have been the happiest day of my life but it was the saddest.”

Source: funstuffcafe

1. Thai Man Married Dead Girlfriend in a Dual Wedding and Funeral Ceremony



A Thai man recently married his longtime girlfriend in a strange ceremony. The wedding is doubled with a funeral ceremony because whom this man is marrying is already dead.

In a dual wedding and funeral ceremony, Chadil Deffy also known as Deff Yingyuen, placed a ring on the finger of Sarinya “Anne” Kamsook, his girlfriend for a decade, during the ceremony in Thailand’s Surin province.

The couple met at Thailand’s Eastern Asia University nearly a decade ago, and had planned to get married in the future, but Yingyuen wanted to focus on his studies before getting married. Unfortunately, Kamsook unexpectedly died in an accident before the couple could set a date.

According to the Bangkok Times, the joint ceremony was Chadil’s attempt to “right a wrong” by putting the marriage off.

Source: huffingtonpost


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