A man with a gaping wound in his face wanders around a hospital like a zombie and frightened people he came across with. This might be the creepiest video you’ll see today.

Medical staffs were left too scared to get near this man with a gunshot wound in the face as he acts like he is being ‘possessed by the devil’.

The unnamed man with gaping wound has been treated at Miguel Couto Hospital in Rio, Brazil. It is not known if the injury was caused by someone else or if it was self-inflicted and if he was high on drugs at that time.

This is creepy enough!

The creepy footage was filmed by a hospital staff and was later uploaded on LiveLeak with the title: ‘The Joys of Working at Miguel Couto Hospital in Rio.

Apparently, Brazil’s gun crime is incredibly high and it’s among the top 20 countries for intentional homicide. The country had a total of between 50,108 and 64,357 murders in 2015 – that’s between 25.2 and 32.4 per 100,000. Though Rio has one of its lowest rates gun crimes in the last 18 years.

Via: Metro