We all know that snakes are dangerous creatures, whether they are venomous or not. And among the non-venomous snakes, anaconda is the largest and the deadliest. Anacondas are known to devour anything that moves, even larger animals and sometimes even their own kind. Once you are coiled by its powerful body, you’re nothing but a dead meat.

Somehow despite the danger it possesses, one guy did a daring move when he tried to disturb an anaconda who was waiting for its prey in the water. Sounds pretty silly, don’t you think?

The unidentified guy saw this anaconda resting in the water.

anaconda poke 1

He then grabbed a branch…

anaconda poke 2

And poked the seemingly harmless looking creature.

anaconda poke 3

What happens next serves him right.

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Guess this guy learned a valuable lesson not to disturb a wild animal afterwards. Honestly, poking an anaconda is just plain stupid. Of course, anacondas or any type of snake will attack whenever they are threatened. Sometimes we need to respect nature and keep our distance.