Guys are getting more and more creative and effortful these days when it comes to marriage proposals. Some did an amazing flashmob proposal, an epic post-it proposal, and a crazy 365 day marriage proposal. While every guy wants their special moment to be unique, some didn’t take it lightly and even risk their life just to make it more surprising.

But what if something went wrong during that big day? This is what happened to this guy who fell from the 4th floor of a building while making his proposal.

A nervous boyfriend named Josh was making his proposal while on a rooftop terrace.

proposal 3

But he accidentally fell from the four-story building after catching the ring his friend threw on him.

proposal 4

His girlfriend Brooke screams in terror, but when she looked over the ledge what she saw isn’t horrifying, rather surprising!

proposal 5

Watch the epic video:

I must say, this is one crazy marriage proposal. That’s what we called ‘effort!’ Unfortunately, while some find it endearing, others believed that the video is fake and it’s only a viral marketing stunt by Neuro Sport, a ‘sexual health energy drink.’

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Real or not, this guy got some real guts to pull that stunt. Now that’s the most thrilling way to ask your girlfriend “Will you marry me?”

H/T: Mirror