How would you feel if you caught your girlfriend sleeping with another guy? Most guys would go berserk of course but would hesitate to admit it, and will probably not even tell close friends that he was cheated due to pride. But one guy did the opposite after catching his GF in bed with another man.

The video shows the scorned boyfriend walking up the stairs in the apartment building after his girlfriend’s roommate tipped him off that the alleged brought another man home after a night out.

Determined to catch them in the act, he hurriedly went into his girlfriend’s room and finds her with another guy asleep in the bed.


But despite getting caught red-handed, the woman did not seem embarrassed at all and act unconcerned.


In fact, she didn’t even move or react as her boyfriend started shouting loudly. The cheating girlfriend and the mystery man just continued to lie in bed as if her boyfriend wasn’t there.


Though she did cover her face eventually without saying a single word.


“Did you know she had a boyfriend?” he asked the guy who did not answer and instead maintained his position in the bed, even continuing to put his arms around the woman.

The video was uploaded to World Star Hip Hop last April and was said to have garnered a massive two million views in just 3 days.

Watch the unbelievable scene below:

They say hell hath a woman scorned. In this case, the scorned boyfriend had his revenge, by getting internet fame! —Mirror