Being married is not easy as it sounds. There would be ups and downs, but the yearning is too much when you’re apart. Many couples had to endure being apart from a lot of reasons, yet they strongly stay connected to each other. That’s because if there’s a will, there’s a way…and one husband from China proved it by making the most effortful surprise for her wife.

26-year-old Zhao Mai is a teacher in the city of Anshui in China’s Guizhou province, she probably have the best husband in the world.

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Her 27-year-old husband Yin Yunfeng is a soldier of the Chinese army, stationed in a remote outpost in Tibet. Sadly the couple had to endure being apart because of Yunfeng’s work. To make it worst, they can only see each other once a year.

In one Yin Yunfeng’s recent off duty, he was saddened to see his wife so busy with her work that she didn’t have time to cook dinner for herself. Seeing her this way tore his heart and decided to take matters into his own hands. This loving and devoted husband prepared and cooked his wife a year’s worth of dinners before going back to the army.

Yin Yunfeng cooked her more than a 1000 dumplings, 150 liters of her favorite noodle soups and and countless packaged and refrigerated meals.

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He even left a love note, ‘You’re so focused on your work and have so much to read when you get home that I want to make life easier for you.’

The sweetness overload doesn’t end there, this deeply in love man hid numerous tasty snacks on her favorite space her for to enjoy with heart-warming love letters to keep her going.

When he revealed his first treat in a letter, Yin Yunfeng wrote, ‘Here is your first surprise. You can find a bag of raisins at the back of the sofa in the living room.’

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His sweet and loving effort didn’t go to waste as Zhao Mai said. ‘I have to admit his food packages help keep me going and it’s great to know that he loves me. In some way every time I have my meal I know he is with me.’

And there are more hidden around their house that he will revealed through phone calls and letters to help cheer her up if she was feeling down or lonely.

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Now that’s pure dedication and love. Just imagine the effort her husband has put into those foods. What a real sweetie, I just hope all guys are like him. Sweetness overload!