In China, using wax to rebuild damaged corpses’ faces for their funeral is quite common, but now tech has given birth to a new process which makes it easier to reconstruct disfigured remains using 3D printing technology.

Longhua Funeral home in Shanghai, China is using 3D printer to recreate and mend the faces of damaged corpses for funeral.
With this technology, bodies that sustained facial damages during their tragic deaths can now have their face back, like when they were alive.
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Amazingly, this technique could also make corpses look younger or even more attractive than before.
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Printed noses and ears are just few of the prosthetics made by Longhua funeral home.

The 3D printer works by producing layers of material in any shape or size required which is based from the 2D image of the person who died. With this, the finish product can be as much as 95 % identical.

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Director of Shanghai’s funeral services center, Liu Fengming said, “It is difficult for relatives to see incomplete faces or bodies of their loved ones when they attend memorial services, and makeup cannot always sufficiently repair them.”

The new technology of face recreation is so promising that it can be a replacement for the practice of using wax to fix disfigured dead bodies. Somehow, the process might cost around £437 to £546.

Via Mirror