Lola is a Filipino term for grandmother or old lady. When we say old lady or grandma, they are the people that we should take care of because of limited things they can do for their old age.

lola 3

Here in Philippines, we were taught to respect and take care of our elders. But there are still few who can’t take this task by heart and they left their elder in the care of an institution.

What they didn’t know is some of these oldies can amaze you in so many different ways, like this one here.  And this Lola or grandma from the Philippines still has a top level memory as she makes some punch line to her audience.

lola 2

Unfortunately I can’t translate in English every joke she said. So if you’re can’t understand her and you want to know every words she said, please watch the video with a Filipino that can interpret for you. Sorry! Watch the video below

Source: Daily Video Trends 3

This Lola is so cool. Despite of her old age, her memory of these jokes and she delivers it is pretty amazing. So, what do you think about her jokes? Funny? It’s totally funny! Lol!


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