Paranormal activities are still hardly debated when it comes to authenticity. It’s really hard to prove a paranormal phenomenon like ghost. But there is a certain video that will blow your mind and might change your perceptions about ghost. I’ll leave it in your hands if you will believe it or not!

Lexi Hood was playing peek-a-boo with her parents Gareth, and Charlene, at home in Bridgend, Wales.

Little girl Pushed by ghost 1

When suddenly out of nowhere Lexi was knocked to the ground with an unknown force.

Little girl Pushed by ghost 2

According to his father Gareth, his daughter exclaimed ‘naughty boy’ as if she was telling someone off. Mr. Hood also described her daughter as ‘sturdy on her feet, and since this creepy incident happened, strange creaking sounds had been heard in the house ever since.

Watch the video:

Via: World News TV

When I saw this video, it give me chills. I know the reaction of the body if someone pushed you down just like the like what happened to Lexi. But I leave all the judgments in your hands.