Do you know the movie “Jack” portrayed by the late Robin Williams? The movie is about a boy with a unique aging disorder: one that makes him age 4 times faster than normal. He was just 10 years old, but looks 40, and this is no different to Tracey Gibson and her daughter Zara Hartshorn aging disorder.

Tracey Gibson, 45, and her daughter Zara Hartshorn, 18, both suffer Lipodystrophy, a rare disorder of adipose (fatty) tissue characterized by a selective loss of body fat. It’s a condition which makes their skin wrinkle prematurely.

mother daughter 1
Zara, now 18, was offered free treatment in the U.S. when she was 16 to stave off bullies, her mother has long suffered lingering stares and cruel nicknames.
Tracey, mother of seven has been rejected by the NHS for a free operation.
She thought she would be stuck in a scrunching face forever.
Finally, Tracey receive the same VIP treatment like her daughter, the American doctors gave her a new look.
Before and After…
before and after
The face and neck lift as well as multiple Botox treatments were worth £50,000.

H/T: asiantown | Images via Barcroft Media

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