Reports of Alien sightings have been storming the internet for quiet some time. It only shows that many are really hooked up with the extraterrestrial beings. But from all the said sightings, an alien has invaded Instagram for having an awesome life than you!

Meet Lil Mayo, the most savage alien on Instagram!


Just look how lavish his life is…


Soaking up the rays at a beach while drinking beer.


Or just sitting around…


Cracking some pot.


Honestly, this extraterrestrial being has a more fancy life than me!


And hotties dig him like chocolate bar.


What more can he ask for?


Being an alien isn’t bad after all.


Apparently, Lil Mayo is a meme way back in 2012 that has evolved into the coolest alien on the Internet. In 2012, someone posted a still shot of an alien from an episode of The X-Files. The meme then took on a life of its own after it was frequently used on gossip blog Oh No They Didn’t in 2013.

I’m sure you’re now envy of him. Just make sure to follow Lil Mayo on Instagram!