Eyes, as organs of sight, are one of the most important and most useful of the senses. Not only does our eyesight affect our lives but also the human body.

Without them, the five senses would not be complete. That is why we should avoid doing activities that harm our eyesight. Can you imagine if you were blind or had a very serious condition that affects your sense of sight? There are over 50 common eye problems and conditions but there is one case that is baffling eye doctors around the world – a woman who cries white crystals!

Meet Laura Ponce, a nursery school teacher from Lins in Brazil, who suffers from a bizarre and unknown eye disease that causes her to cry mysterious white “crystals.”

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The white crystal-like plaque starts as soft blobs in her eyes, but it gets hard when she blinks and comes out as solid white crystals.

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She said, “A clot starts to swell then I have to open my eye to take out the membrane. When it dries it hardens, it gets really hard, it hurts a lot.” She has been suffering this condition for 20 years. The crystals come out of her eyes for weeks at a time as new white plaque forms and emerge continuously.

Sometimes it gets so bad that she has to miss work to remove 30 plaque members from her eyes in just one day.

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Laura first noticed her eyes fill up with the white plaque when she was 15 years old. She notified her mother Marissa immediately and she was horrified so they tried but failed to remove the hard substance from her eyes.

“We took it out and I was scared,” Marissa remarked. “We ran to the ER and the doctor on duty also got scared. The doctor was mystified.”

Until now at 35, Laura still hasn’t found a cure and no one could explain why this mysterious condition has plagued her.

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Her whole family was shaken and they went chasing doctor after doctor.

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Luckily, a new TLC TV show led Laura to meet ophthalmologist Dr. Raul Goncalves from Hospital de Olhos de Bauru, who claims he can cure her condition.

“I have been an ophthalmologist for 25 years and I have never seen anything like it,” Dr. Goncalves admitted.

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“For these plaques to form so fast there could be only one explanation, it must be chemical.” he added.

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“Every time you blink, you’re lubricating your eye, and tears are made of three layers – a water layer, a mucin layer, and a fat layer,” Dr. Goncalves explained. “Each cell separately creates a product and when you blink you mix all this like a dough.” He guessed that the protein in her tears can’t protect her from bacteria so her eyes are coping by producing a second line of defense.

“The cornea jumps into action, and in Miss Ponce’s case, the cornea’s surface can secrete keratin. This keratin together with other components causes the tear crystallization.” He added.

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Dr. Goncalves prescribed silver nitrate eye drops to help relieve her painful condition and it seemed effective because Laura has now been experiencing fewer infections.

The hard-working nursery teacher is now able to go back to work but she still isn’t completely cured.

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Laura will be featured on TLC’s new series entitled Body Bizarre.

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H/T:  Odditycentral | Photos: Discovery, Barcroft Productions via Mirror