Remember the La Tagada ride in Latin America that made thrill seekers hold on with their lives? Well, this crazy amusement ride has done it again, but this time it left a young woman with a red face.

The wacky incident happened at Costa Rica’s Zapote Festival in San Jose, where the La Tagada is one of the main attractions. But this particular event became an unexpected eye magnet moment when a couple tries desperately to avoid a humiliating disaster.

The La Tagada caused this young woman to have an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction after being tossed in an irrational way.

Her trousers fell down but what made it more cringeworthy is that she isn’t wearing any underwear at all!

Awkward as it is, her boyfriend tried to cover her up and save her from embarrassment but failed.

The crowd has already set their eyes on the couple, cheering and laughing at the hilarious scene.

A cheeky onlooker recorded the scene on his phone and it has been watched by tens of thousands of people since it was published online.

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If there’s one thing I’ve learned from this video, that’s to never ride the La Tagada without your belt on and of course your undies. LOL! –Via Unilad