Most pregnant women often do regular check ups to make sure the baby is doing well and of course to know its gender so that they can prepare before the big day. But what if you were wrongly informed about the gender of your baby?

Koto Nakamura and her husband, Sina Niakansafy, had this exact experience after the “baby girl” they were expecting turned out to be a “baby boy.” While the unexpected news seems to be a not-so-good one, the priceless moment was captured on cam and went viral online.

Koto gave birth to her first child on May 20 in Hobart, Australia and this is her reaction when she was told that her baby was not a girl but a boy.

The one of a kind photo was captured by Jessica Jackson, a Hobart-based photographer who has been taking snapshots of births for years. However, Jessica revealed that she has never taken a photo quite like this before.

In her interview with Mashable Australia, Jackson said that the midwife had actually been joking about the situation occurring in the delivery room moments earlier. Then strangely, it happened. She said: “We were all joking, trying to imagine what that would be like or feel like. Well we didn’t have to wonder for long because it happened to Koto.”

Apparently, Koto thought everyone was just making fun of her. She told TODAY Parents: “I thought everyone was joking… I lost words and I couldn’t believe it until I saw his bottom.”

Even though Koto’s first reaction to the baby boy news looks so displeasing, of course as a new mother, she wouldn’t mind whatever gender her newborn is. She said: “I was shocked for a few seconds and then it didn’t matter if it was a girl or a boy.”

The couple named the little boy, Taiga, which means “gracious and big” in Japanese.
Lucky for them boys nowadays can have pink gifts. lol 🙂

H/T: ittybittyphotographytas, Viral Thread