Admit it, most girls love makeovers, shopping for clothes and of course, surprises. That’s why most boyfriends never fail to surprise their girlfriends, especially on their birthdays. But what if inside a surprise comes another surprise? Isn’t it romantic? One man has done a very unique birthday surprise in Singapore with a romantic twist at the end.

A loving boyfriend named Jensen wanted to surprise her girlfriend Evelyn on her birthday so he secretly arranged a vehicle to pick up Evelyn at her workplace on June 30th, 2014.

Inside the vehicle was her boyfriend’s 1st surprise- a box with a stuffed toy inside and a sweet note from him.


He wrote, “Hi Princess Evelyn, remember me? The Stitch you have always been hugging while in the car? I’m back for you! Your journey has just begun. Sit tight, relax, and have fun!”

Evelyn was then brought to a salon. She had no idea that she will be given a complete makeover for free.


After the makeover, Evelyn received another box with a note.


“Take a look into our love journey. All the countries and memories we had been through. I want to walk on with you again to many countries and to fill our album with more love!”, Jensen wrote.

This time, the box was filled with photos from their trips together.


But it seems like Jensen’s surprises were endless. The lucky girlfriend was brought to a boutique full of decorations and personal mementos of the couple.


Jensen recalled how he met Evelyn again in school. They started dating and after their exams, he took her to Taiwan because she said that she hasn’t been on an overseas trip. He also said that Evelyn has been showing her videos of unique proposals and kept asking when he will do it. Lucky for her, the moment she has been waiting for is finally here.


As Evelyn walked towards the middle of the store, she found a note on the seat that reads, “Dearest Princess, Please take a seat. I will be with you shortly.”


At this point Evelyn knew what was going on. Jensen’s final surprise was indeed a romantic proposal!


Jensen emerged from the dressing room with a bouquet and knelt in front of Evelyn to pop the question.


Of course she said ,”Yes!” With a proposal like this who would say no?


Watch how it all happened here:


This romantic proposal was first featured here in Wereblog

According to Jensen, it took him 2 months to plan and prepare everything for this very special event.

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This guy ‘s effort is indeed commendable. Another creative proposal success! Ladies, how would you want to be proposed to? Please share your dream proposal in the comments section below.