Whether we admit it or not, not all relationship end up “happily ever after.” Couple do broke up, specially those young ones and those who are new to relationship. But how can you cope up with your past relationship? That’s one thing that’s hard to answer. Yes, moving on is not easy. Some says it’s easier said than done and that’s the truth. But if you’re willing and will accept the fact that it’s over, you can.

Here’s a video from YouTube sensation Jam Sebastian that will surely help us MOVE ON!

This post is solely dedicated to Jam Fernando Sebastian who recently passed away due to lung cancer.

Jam Sebastian Moving on

Even though he’s gone, Jam left us fruitful messages that will be forever embedded in our hearts.

Jam Sebastian Superman

Want to move on? Watch this video…

Note: To all our foreign readers please do pardon us if the video is in Filipino language. This is a tribute to Jam Sebastian of Jamich who inspired millions of Filipinos.

We hope you learned a thing or two from this video. To Jam, we know you are now happy in the hands of God. Thank you for such wonderful videos you and Mich has given to us, to all those lessons you taught us, and to those smiles you put in our faces. May you rest in peace.