A man learns a hard lesson not to bite a smartphone battery after it explodes in his mouth while checking if it’s real.

A CCTV footage shows a couple making rounds in a second-hand electronics market in China.

However, the man insisted on checking the status of the iPhone’s battery – and decided that biting it would prove whether it was real or fake.

But the moment his teeth touches the battery, it exploded in his face.

The man drops it quickly and stands shocked as others in the marketplace stop too.

Watch the video:

Lithium batteries found in iPhones cannot be removed by users. Thus the phones have to be carefully taken apart by technicians to reveal them.

However, second-hand phones sellers are known to swap out original batteries for cheaper made-in-China variants – which prompted the dubious customer to check the battery.

Fortunately, the man did not suffer any injuries during the explosion. However, it is still unclear why the battery exploded and if it is real or fake.

Via: Mirror