If you drop an iPhone 6 from space will it survive? How about encasing it with a state of the art phone casing will it survive the drop?

A company making phones cases did this to a brand new iPhone 6. UAG the company, who releases the video last November 2014, shows the iPhone equipped with their casing aboard a balloon then taken more than 101,000 feet above before being dropped.


Do you think it will survive the space drop? Let’s find out!

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“When the iPhone 6 and flight rig were found, the iPhone was powered on and tested for full functionality,” said Urban Armor Gear Inc., the company behind the video.
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During the flight, the iPhone was wrapped in the company’s composite case with no screen protector installed.
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According to them (UAG Inc.), the space trip reached a height of 101,345 feet max, with temperatures as cold as -79 degrees Fahrenheit (-61.6667 degrees Celsius) and winds as strong as 70 mph (112.654 kph). The balloon raptured and the iPhone starts its free fall from space.
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After the fall, the flight rig was torn apart – but the iPhone “remained unscathed and in perfect working order.”
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CNET reported that the cold temperature “killed the charge” in the phone’s battery, but the phone was “fully functional after being recharged.”

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Watch the video

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Many would say that this is just a publicity stunt, but in a promotional aspect, this will surely triggers the imagination of the viewers. So what do you think?