One of the hottest device right now the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are making it’s reign. Folks at RatedRR didn’t want to get left behind so they bought six units of iPhone 6 Plus, not because they’re a huge Apple fans, but because they want to test it’s durability. But wait! This isn’t just an ordinary drop test because these guys have done something crazy. They extremely tortured the iPhone 6 Plus in a way we could possibly imagine. Dropping on dirt and concrete, dunking it in water, blending it, submerging it in liquid nitrogen and smashing it. How crazy was that?


This is only part of their six days of torture. Watch the videos below:

iPhone 6 Plus slow motion drop test

iPhone 6 Plus – Will It Blend?

iPhone 6 Plus vs Liquid Nitrogen


Be sure to subrcribe RatedRR because there will be 3 more videos coming and it’s gonna be insane according to them. So now, does the iPhone 6 Plus is worth buying for Php100,000 (2241 USD) or it just a waste of money? Let us know your thoughts.