A video of Chinese primary school teacher dragging a young girl by the hair has the internet boiling in anger.

The scene was recorded by a delivery man at the foreign language primary school in Dongguan, Guangdong province and was later posted online.

Apparently, the young girl went out to have lunch with her mother and return to class in the afternoon. However, the girl refuses to go back and remains at the gate.

The teacher talked to her for about 30 minutes until the little girl agreed to get back to class but the girl stopped mid-way and began to sob.

The irritated teacher grabbed the grade 2 student by the hair and drags her back.

The delivery man caught and recorded the scene before confronting the teacher.

According to the courier, “She tried to pretend that she was the girl’s mom, and it was none of my business.”

The poor girl can be seen crying on the ground, sobbing that she “wants to go home!”

The courier reported the abusive female teacher causing the girl’s mom to visit the school and voice out her anger to the school’s principal.

The teacher was suspended from her job for physical assault pending investigation while the principal of Huachen Foreign Language School has apologized to the parents of the girl. The kid was sent to a local hospital for a check-up and no injuries were found.

Via: Next Shark