A cab driver has been driving the internet crazy, not just because she is a girl but also because she is hot and gorgeous. One that will definitely caught someone’s attention.

Meet Ikuta Kana, the hottest taxi driver in Japan!2-51
24-year-old Ikuta is a model by profession until this very day and took cab driving as second job.Ikuta Kana 2
She began her career as a gravure model (model who primarily models in magazines) and immediately garnered local fans.Ikuta Kana
For two years, Ikuta was part of the modeling group Mina Mates of Mina magazine.12331470_573247866177040_2026365159_n
She has also done other modeling gigs from different famous salon branch such as Voce and ELO.Ikuta Kana 9
This gorgeous girl from Nagano Prefecture even became more famous after joining the weekly TV program Nino San.

But knowing that modeling is a short-term career, she decided to join the Asuka Traffic Dream Project after graduating in college and acquiring a professional driver’s license. Since then her popularity skyrocketed even more.

The part time model and part time driver has been roaming the streets of Shibuya, Ebisu and Naka-Meguro for a year and a half now.Ikuta-Kana-2
Somehow, Ikuta’s modeling career is far from over…Ikuta-Kana-3
Dubbed as “Miss Asuka”, she represents the company with regular TV appearances as part of her duties.


I hate traffic, but with a cab driver like her by my side, I wouldn’t mind getting stuck along a busy road. —via Next Shark