To avoid getting caught, couples in illicit relationships often meet up for a tryst in motels, hotels, and other public places away from their neighborhoods and homes. But two lovers made the foolish mistake of doing the deed in the married woman’s matrimonial bed and ended up getting caught and beaten by the husband.

The video starts with the woman’s lover slumped on the bed’s corner with blood all over his face.


But the beating must not have been enough. The furious husband grabs the man, drags him down on the floor, and beats him again!


Out of anger, he then kicks his cheating wife hard in the face as she was picking up her clothes on the floor.


Though the husband was speaking in a different language, we could assume that he came home unexpectedly and caught his wife with her lover together in their own bed. The badly beaten man’s face and a red stain on his shoulder clearly indicate that he was assaulted  before the footage was taken.

Watch the video here:


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