We already featured strange and unexplainable creatures before, such as the newborn buffalo that looks like a human. But are hybrid animals really possible? Another case of confusing genetic mutation has been circulating online after a bizarre animal with a body of buffalo and head of crocodile was born in the remote village of High Rock, Wanghin in Thailand.

The strange creature was born from a buffalo, but has a scaly reptile-like skin and a head that resembles a crocodile.
Photo: Facebook
However, upon closer inspection, it still got the body, limbs, and hooves of a calf.
Photo: Facebook
Sadly, the odd-looking animal died shortly after it was born according to local site Thairath.
Photo: Thairath

Bewildered by the animal, local villagers believe that the bizarre creature will bring them good luck. They even praise and thank God for bringing it into their lives even just for a while.

Photo: Thairath
Watch the extraordinary footage:

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Though there is no concrete explanation what the creature really is, people can’t help it but be amazed. It definitely looks like out of the ordinary anyway.