Recently a guy who complained of earache becomes an internet sensation after a woman pulled out a huge lump of earwax from his ear.

Shockingly, he’s not the only one who suffered from impacted earwax, as another man experienced the same fate. But there’s something more terrifying inside his ear waiting to unveil.

An unidentified man went to doctors after complaining of a severe earache, only to find out a huge, brown lump of wax residing inside his ear.

impacted earwax 1

So they inserted tweezers into his ear and started to extricate the impacted earwax.

impacted earwax 2

Two huge pieces of wax were removed, but the horror isn’t over yet…

impacted earwax 3

As another terrifying blockage was revealed…a small bug burrowed deep inside his ear canal!

impacted earwax 4For the third time, the doctor inserted the tweezers into his ear to take out the supposedly “tiny insect.”

But to their grim, what they pulled out is a huge winged creature!

impacted earwax 5It is not clear what kind of insect it is, but it’s definitely not a kind of thing you want to find inside your ears!

Watch the video:

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Piling up of earwax inside the ear is utterly disgusting, but finding a winged insect buried inside is undeniably horrifying!

H/T: Mirror