Nowadays, ghosts and paranormal activities are deemed fiction. But no matter how many say they aren’t for real, there are still a lot of videos of ghosts circulating online that will surely creep you out just like the following footage.

In this video shared by Facebook page All Singapore Stuff, a housemaid was claimed being possessed by a ghost.

The footage which was reportedly taken at a public housing flat in Singapore shows a woman wearing a long white dress walking like a zombie at the living room.

She does look quite creepy as she repeatedly bangs her head.

The maid then pointed something at the living room but when the camera moves towards the location, nothing was there.

But here comes the scariest part, with her soaked-wet hair, she slowly looked at the camera before turning her back.


She then moves away and repeatedly bangs her head again and points on something as she sat on the floor. Something is really wrong with her like she’s totally out of her mind.

The said hair-raising clip happened on 23rd of March 2017 and was shared online with a caption: “My maid got possessed by a ghost in my HDB flat after she came out of the shower. Lucky mum and kids were not home…”

However, some netizens quickly expressed that the footage was fake and the maid did it on purpose as an exit strategy.

True or not, the video has been viewed more than a million times so we leave that conclusion in your hands.