• Homeless dog gets on bus and received a free ride.
  • The driver, named Christhian allowed stray dog to rest on his bus.
  • As an animal lover, driver thinks it wonderful to see his four-legged passenger enjoying the ride.

In Santiago, Chile. A bus driver on his normal routine bus drive sees a dog board behind a man thinking it was his pet. However, by the time he reached his final stop, the dog remained comfortably sitting on the passenger seat and realized it was a stray.

The driver, named Christhian were amazed to see his canine passenger is sitting up almost like a human looking out the window while enjoying the ride. He says ‘it is resting. Hi’, before giving the dog a well-deserved stroke on the nose.

And as an animal lover. he didn’t force the dog out but let him stay and sleep as he continued his routine bus drive.

Amazingly the driver was able to capture the moment and shared it online with a caption:

“I want to share this with you guys because I love animals. I am not going to take it off the bus.Now it is sleeping.I hope you like this video and share it with your friends and dog lovers.”

Christhian further explained his story:
“I do not want to take him off the bus because he is so cold.I am at work and just stopped to pick up a gentleman when a small dog climbed up behind him.I thought it was his, but when I realized it was a stray I did not want to throw it off because I like animals.I do not care if people think the seats will get dirty, there are passengers who regularly dirty the seats and throw litter on the floor. However, the dog just sits there and enjoys the ride.I am not going to take the dog off at the terminal either because we are so far from where it got on. It will get lost, so I am going to leave the dog here to sleep.”
Watch the video


Surprisingly, the driver’s video went viral with over a million views and share and as of this writing adding up comments praising the man for his good deed.

The overwhelming response on his video made Christhian post a heartwarming thank you stating:
“I am the driver who made the video and a friend told me that it was shared here too. I want to thank you all for your nice comments.I did it to make people aware that our pets are also a big part of our lives. They are our family and not just accessories. I do not know what else to say except thank you.”

H/T: newsner, unilad