The internet is probably the most dangerous place on earth. Numerous lives have been ruined here, mainly because of cyber bullying. I guess most of us who enjoy the internet have been blinded, tricked, ridiculed, and faked on by what we’ve seen in the cyber world. Such is the story of a model whose life was ruined just because of a fake meme.

Do you remember this plastic surgery meme? You might be one of the many who enjoyed sharing this image.
Photo: Antiviral

In early 2004, this plastic surgery meme began circulating around the web, attached to it is a story from a local tabloid about a husband who divorced and sued his wife for having “ugly” children. He found out she had plastic surgery before they met and deceive him with her fake beauty.

We were made to believe that the story behind this picture is real. Apparently, it is just an ad for a cosmetic clinic.
plastic surgery
Photo: Shanghaiist

The clinic’s ad showed a beautiful couple and their “average-looking” children, captioned: “The only thing you have to worry about after plastic surgery is explaining it to your children.”

Yes, it was just an advertisement and the children were photoshopped into their “ugly” versions. The ad aims to promote beauty but has turned someone’s life into a nightmare.

The woman in the photo is Heidi Yeh, a gorgeous young model from Taiwan whose career was ruined because of the ad.
Photo: Heidi Yeh

Yeh had a promising career, landing great gigs one after another including major companies such as fast-food chain KFC, Vaio and a Japanese facial products brand before accepting the photoshoot for a plastic surgery office in 2012 that would negatively impact her life.

The fabricated story made by a Chinese tabloid gained traction and took the internet by storm making Yeh’s life miserable.
Photo: BBC
Accused of having plastic surgery, her career deteriorates as talent agencies began to turn her down.
Photo: BBC

Sadly, even her family and friends asked her if she did alter something as the image became a global phenomenon. Slowly she began to get fewer job opportunities, losing an estimate of $4 million NTD ($123,000) in potential earnings.

She said. “People refused to believe that I had never had plastic surgery. Clients would ask me if I was the woman in the picture. After this, I only got small roles in advertisements.”

Watch her interview on BBC:

Now, she is suing J. Walter Thompson (JWT) talent agency and the Simple Beauty cosmetic clinic for 5 million new Taiwan dollars ($155,000) for the damages done to her.

However, the talent agency responded that the agreement signed by Yeh gives JWT absolute copyright to the image with the understanding that the photo could be altered according to the company’s preference.

So better be careful when sharing something on social media. The next time you see awing stories on your news feed, you might want google first, think before you click. This is just one of the many stories of lives being ruined because of the cruel internet.

Source: Viral Nova, BBCElite Readers