What if out of nowhere, you suddenly find yourself bleeding from your eyes? Tears of blood that just come out without any signs… a stigmata like condition!

This is what happens to a 24-year-old Hawaiian woman who suffers from a bizarre condition no one could ever explain.

Linnie Ikeda from Waikele, Hawaii is suffering from a rare condition that makes her bleed from the eyes and mouth spontaneously without warning.


In 2008, she was diagnosed with Gardner-Diamond Syndrome. This condition can cause random bruising in which is associated with stress and anxiety.


Linnie was 17 years old when the bruises started to occur, she said, “When bruises began showing up on her arms, back, and torso, it felt like ‘a hammer hitting my bones”, and this made people think she’s being abused.


But two years later, for unknown reasons, her tongue began splitting down the middle and bleeds for days. “I had 11 surgeries to cauterize the base of my tongue and to cut the blood vessels and I had 7 transfusions,” she added.


But her nightmare doesn’t stop there. Linnie’s mysterious condition took another twist when she inexplicably began bleeding from her eyes uncontrollably.

Linnie Ikeda 21

The bleeding usually occurs overnight between 2am and 5am, making dozens of doctors baffled and left without any diagnosis about her condition.

What’s more shocking is, it doesn’t hurt when she’s bleeding, but the pain comes right before in a form of pressure.


In her interview with Hawaii News Now, she said: “When it bleeds, it doesn’t hurt. It’s what leads up to the bleeding. I’ll feel pressure on my eyes, my eyes will be puffy and raw and that’s when I know my eyes are going to bleed.”

Even though Gardner-Diamond Syndrome is often associated with stress, Ikeda believes that she had any more stress than other people, especially at her age.

Lisa Ikeda, Linnie’s mother often went to her daughter’s room only to find her covered in blood. She said, “I’ve actually slept with her and I’ve gotten up every hour to check on her. It’s always around that time that she has that bleeding… I’ll usually wake her up and say, “honey, let’s go cleanup.”


“Or if it’s not that much, I’ll just wipe her up… and she goes back to sleep. A lot of times, it’s been bad, in her hair and everything so she’ll go shower.” her mom added.

Ikeda has already visited 30 doctors, including one from Minnesota. But none of these doctors can help her understand her condition.

Linnie’s father, Miles Ikeda was so frustrated because they can’t establish any pattern on her daughter disease. Yet Linnie has kept a detailed journal of her bleeding, and claims she just wants ‘to be normal.” She’s trying everything to cope with her inexplicable disease, but despite her condition, she rarely misses work as an assistant teacher.


Mavis Ikeda, her older sister said “Linnie has been such a strong person and a source of inspiration. Though it was tough to watch her go through what she has.” She also said. ‘She doesn’t just curl up in a ball and say, “Why me?”

“The people that are going to fight for me, believe in me, that’s what makes me go on and live every day… to the best I can,” Linnie said.


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We’ve been seeing rare health condition for quite some time now, but Linnie’s condition is truly intriguing. It seems like her state is a bit similar to people who are suffering from stigmata. Let us just all hope that her condition may be cured one day.

Sources: Hawaii News Now | Daily Mail