Being a handicapped is really a big task for everyone especially if you’re the one with disability. A normal person’s routines would be 2-3 times harder if you’re in a wheelchair and the hardest part? Most often people with disability are being treated differently, being mocked of, and being belittled.

Disabled ones face a lot of hindrances, including self-esteem, and one of the biggest impediment for them is finding a partner in life. Yes, it is hard for them because nowadays people first look on someone’s physical appearance. Only few can see what’s inside and can accept them whole-heartedly.

Though it is hard to find true love for some handicapped, a guy named Kevin Taylor found one and he made a huge surprise for his bride on their wedding day…

Kevin broke his leg 14 years ago and had to have it amputated after he contracted a nerve disorder called reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD).


 Doctors called it one of the worst cases of RSD they had ever seen…


But despite losing his leg he didn’t give up and he found his one true love…


When Kevin Taylor first met his bride, he knew it was love at first sight. So for his wedding day, he wanted to give his bride a big surprise. Watch the touching video below.



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