Making girls fall in love is truly challenging. In fact, many are being dumped for trying to impress girls with their idiotic moves. But have you ever wondered what it takes to pick up girls easily?

Well, the guys behind YesFunnyYes did something amazing and show us how to make girls fall in love easily and all it takes is a little honesty, being yourself, a sense of humor, and a guitar.

In this video a guy named Cody politely approaches random girls in public.serenade 1
He then asks their names and serenades them with enthusiasm and humor.serenade 2

Through the tune of ‘You’re Beautiful by James Blunt’, Cody creates his own lyrics right on the spot to match every girl he serenades.

As a result, they were all impressed, mesmerized, and enchanted with his amusingly sweet song.serenade 3
Cody easily catches the girls’ heart, one of them even asked his number.serenade 4

Watch this video.



I guess I should start practicing guitar from now on. LOL! 😀