While there are some people who can handle break ups discreetly, there are some who totally loses it, such as the man in this video who desperately begs his girlfriend not to dump him.

Desperate, the man got onto the floor and clings on the leg of his now ex-girlfriend.
break up 1
Photo: People’s Daily Online

The man grips on the woman’s leg so hard that her tights falls down and loses her shoes. He then crawls on the floor as he beg her not to leave him while saying, “Please don’t leave me.”

At some point, the woman can be seen slapping his ex-boyfriend several times in attempt to escape.
break up 2
Photo: People’s Daily Online

The woman continues to wrestle until her stocking and shoes tore off and was able to break free and escape barefoot. Passersby can’t help but watch the poor guy embarrass himself in desperation to save the relationship.

The incident is reported to have taken place on the street of Huai’an City, China.

We actually feel sorry for this guy, it is clear that he can’t afford to lose his girl. Yes, this is embarrassing but that’s how love goes, sometimes it makes us do stupid things. What can you say about his actions? do you pity him or think he is stupid? Let us know your thoughts by commenting below.

Via: Daily Mail