There are many different ways for men to say sorry. Usually they give flowers, chocolates, clothes, and some even expensive jewelry. But one guy has a very unusual way of apologizing: He knelt for hours in a public place!

A man was seen kneeling outside a female dormitory in Chongqing Industrial Polytechnic University in China.chongqing guy
Unembarrassed of his unusual “public display of affection”, the man knelt for hours to beg his girlfriend for forgiveness.chonqing 2
Though the reason for his apology is unknown, his photo has gone viral online with many applauding his sincere efforts to win back his kneeling
Some netizens commented that he must have done something really bad, while others say that he should have apologized in a different kneeling 2

How far would you go to say sorry to the one you love? Let us know your thoughts by posting your comments below.

H/T: China Smack | Image Credit: News QQ