• 70-years old man uses 11 smartphones to play Pokemon Go
  • Chen San-yuan also known as ‘Uncle Pokemon’, mounts the phones on his bike, charged by a bag of batteries to catch virtual monsters.
  • He loves the mobile game so much and wants to increase his smartphones to 15.

Pokémon Go raise to fame in 2016, the mobile game promotes location-base, AR technology and physical activity helping local businesses grow due to increased foot traffic.

Despite the controversy for contributing to accidents and creating public nuisances, a 70-year-old man didn’t stop him from enjoying the game.

In fact, Chen San-yuan from Taiwan, uses 11 smartphones to catch the virtual monsters.
He mounts the phones on his bike and spends all his spare time catching Pokemon on streets or in parks in New Taipei City, Taiwan.

Chen is so hooked in the game that sometimes he doesn’t return home until 4am and apparently, wants to increase his smartphones to 15 which would cost him more than £1,165 a month.

His love for the game since 2016 after his grandson taught him how to play dubbed him “Uncle Pokemon”.

And according to him it’s all worth because the game prevents him Alzheimer’s disease.

Via: Metro, Image credits: EPA