A Taiwanese stall vendor has become an internet sensation after photos of her went viral on social media.

Customers can’t help it but fall in line upon seeing the stunning woman wearing extremely short shorts while selling braised meat.

Her beauty garners a lot of customers boosting their sales.

Curious customers took photographs of her and posted on social media which instantly went viral online.

Soon words of a gorgeous model selling braised meat spread like wildfire, thus earning her the moniker “braised sister”.

Apparently, the busty gorgeous woman known as “Little Peach” (小桃子) is a model who was hired by a meat shop owner to gain more potential customers.

This turns out to have been a rather good business decision on the owner’s part, as the stall’s sales quadrupled quickly.

Thanks to Little Peach’s sex appeal, a perfect strategy indeed.

When she’s not holding down things at the stall, she can be found wearing even less for her day job.

It seems, hiring good-looking seller to raise profits is really a good strategy and Little Peach’s quadruple sales is undeniable proof

Via: Shanghaiist