One eagle-eyed guy discovered that his girlfriend is cheating on him after sending raunchy messages. The clever girl tried everything to cover up her “cheating”. Little did she know is that her boyfriend is much clever than her.

Jackie told her boyfriend she was going on a trip alone, but she never was! So she got on a plane with a hotel reservation in Atlanta but she made one huge mistake…

To avoid suspicion, she messaged her boyfriend to tell him she arrived in Atlanta safely.


She tried to distract him by sending raunchy photos. But Jackie got sloppy, her guy noticed something is not right.


Unfazed by her boyfriend’s questioning, she tried to blindside him with more nudes.


But he already knew and insisted on knowing her hotel room number.


Apparently, she didn’t book the room but her boss!


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There are no happy endings in cheating, just hatred and some karma. – Via: Elite Daily