Pimples are one of the things people hate the most. While some are disgusted when squeezing pimples, others find relief in pimple popping. But if you think you’ve seen the grossest pimple popping, you’re wrong! As an eleven-year-old girl had the most revolting pimple popping ever!

The young girl had a six-year-old pimple that didn’t subside since it was discovered when she just two years old. The swelling appeared on her ear and was later diagnosed as growth but it turned out to be a big ball of crusty pus. It was then she decided to take matters on her own hands and pops the giant pimple.

In this revolting footage, a worm like pus can be seen coming out as the girl squeezes the pimple.pimple (1)
As the lobe deflated, a stomach-churning string like goo came out and hangs in her ear.pimple
Her mom can be heard disgustedly saying: “I’ve never seen anything like this.”


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She posted the disgusting pimple popping video last July 2015 on YouTube, with a description saying, “My 11 year old daughter had this ear zit for 6 years. We thought it was scar tissue…until her curiosity took over. Wish I’d have known a long time ago it was a cyst! She’s been self-conscious about it for years. She’s so very happy it’s gone.”

H/T: Mirror