Demonic possession has been a highly debatable topic ever since. Though there are numerous reports of people being possessed by evil spirits, many are still skeptic and would not believe such things. However, another incident of demonic possession has been circulating online after a girl reportedly played a Ouija app on her smartphone.

The 18-year-old girl named Patricia Quispe, from Chosica, in the Lima province of Peru, ended up being possessed by evil spirit after using a mobile phone version of the Ouija board.

It all started when Patricia downloaded the app and played it with her friends for fun…

Unluckily, their joke about trying to communicate with the spirit world became real and summoned the bad spirit.

Ouija board

When she returned home, her parents noticed that she seemed to be unwell. Patricia then began convulsing and foaming around her mouth.

possessed 3

Her parents eventually called an ambulance thinking that their daughter may have eaten something or taken a drug that would cause an allergic reaction. They also contacted her friends who later told them about the Ouija board.

But when the teenager was brought to the hospital her voice suddenly deepened into a raspy tone and began convulsing violently as she screams “666” followed by “let me go, let me go”.


Her friends said her personality had changed and she had started speaking in a different voice and lost control of her body while calling out for the demon.

She also shouted: “Please give me my phone” and “Ma, these doctors don’t know what they’re doing, take me home.”

Medical staff tried to restrain her but they struggled for more than half an hour before they finally managed to control her.

Medics admitted that Patricia seemed to be extremely strong.


Locals who witnessed the incident were convinced she had been possessed by evil spirits. Meanwhile, the teen was committed to a psychiatric ward as doctors investigate her condition and trying to find the real cause of her strange behavior.

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H/T: Daily Mail, Mirror