There are a lot of paranormal videos online. Some of them were claimed to be real while others are subjects of debate such as the following footage.

A man films his wife while taking a shower but he was shocked to find out that they were not alone in that supposed-to-be private place.

The video shows the husband filming his wife as she enjoys her bath.

His wife starts to get annoyed and gets out of the shower to get dressed.

Irritated, the woman left the shower room.

The man continued filming when the shower suddenly turns on, where there should be no one as his wife has already left.

Curious, he focused on the curtain only to get scared of what it seems to be a ghost.

Shocked and terrified, the man bravely shoved the shower curtain to check what that figure was only find nothing.

According to the description of the video on YouTube, the footage claims to have proof of paranormal activity. However, viewers were stating the opposite and quickly pointed out that it is fake.

If you’re the one filming and suddenly saw something like that, you’ll probably run out of fear for sure! Hmmmm.