Being cheated on is painful as hell. Thus, that pain sometimes lead us to do terrible things. That may be the case when a scorned wife stabs her alleged cheating husband on his chest.

In the shocking footage uploaded on LiveLeak, a man can be seen sitting in the middle of the road, with blood all over his shirt.Knife-wielding-woman-stabs-cheating-husband-in-the-street-leaving-him-covered-in-blood
He attempts to get off the ground and desperately tries to get away from his furious wife.Knife-wielding-woman-stabs-cheating-husband-in-the-street-leaving-him-covered-in-blood (1)
The man howls in pain clinching his side as he staggers away unsteady on his feet.Knife-wielding-woman-stabs-cheating-husband-in-the-street-leaving-him-covered-in-blood (2)

Apparently, before the incident happened, the woman accused her husband of cheating that leads to an argument which escalated quickly. The wife then stabs a knife into her husband’s torso, leaving him soaking in blood.

Warning: Graphic Content

The video is believed to be recorded in China. However, the exact location and the extent of the injury of the man is not clear.

Source: Mirror