A man who went on a smashing spree in an Apple Store near Dijon, France might face two years of probation and a whopping $19,000 fine for the damages he caused. Apparently, the man reportedly became upset when the Apple store won’t replace his defective iPhone.

Furious, he smashed everything from iPhones to MacBooks using his gloved hands and a ball used in the French game Petanque.
Photo: Unbox.ph
The frustrated man then left the store and was confronted by the security guards and eventually was arrested.


According to a report from French news outlet Le Figaro, the man said in the court hearing that he was an “angry monster” that day and was upset that Apple wouldn’t reimburse the cost of a defective iPhone.

The man was sentenced by the Dijon court to a six-month suspended sentence and was fined $19,000 for damages caused to the store. He also faces two years of probation and was ordered to pay an additional $327 fine for his actions toward a security guard, according to the report.

However, Apple claimed that the man should pay the damages at around $65,000 but the court argued the smaller amount is enough. Unfortunately, the Apple staff quickly replaced the damaged devices, leaving police without the ability to fully account the damages. The court also said that the display items were technically not for sale.

H/T: FortuneUnbox