Women are jealous creatures and definitely wouldn’t want to see their partners getting a lap dance from someone else.

This lad was about to enjoy a lap dance from a sexy club performer but when his girlfriend suddenly shows up, it didn’t turned out well.

At the beginning of the clip, the man in red & blue shirt is seen sitting down at the center of the stage preparing for a lap dance.funny lap dance 1
A gorgeous club dancer then starts gyrating in front of him and begins to lift up her top.funny lap dance 2
But as the scene gets wilder, the man’s girlfriend suddenly shows up and pushes the dancer over.funny lap dance 3
Here’s the hilarious scene:

As the stripper falls to the floor, the jealous girlfriend grabs the man’s arm and drags him away. It is not clear what happens next. The video is believed to be filmed somewhere in Asia.

Is having a lap dance considered cheating? If you were the girlfriend would you do the same?

Via: Daily Mail