It’s totally awkward if a stranger suddenly touches your hand, especially when you are touched with the same gender. This hilarious prank video probably explains it all.

Imma Pirone and Luca Iavarone are making serious ruckus on the internet for their social experiment ‘Touching a Stranger’ under production.

In this social experiment, the pranksters will suddenly touch a stranger’s hand while riding an escalator.touchin a stranger 1
Let’s see how will they react to ‘getting touched’ by this gorgeous lady.touchin a stranger 2
One thing’s for sure – they’ll get that awkwardly ‘WTF?’ reaction!touchin a stranger 3
The prank has two versions, the straight and the gay. See the hilarious video below:


The response of their victims is quite understandable. But the funny part is, some guys are having a hard time explaining to their partners WTF just happened. Amazingly, one guy just smiled and was proud to show his wedding ring to the sexy woman – a testament of true loyalty.

Via: Elite Readers