A guy was filmed rolling on the floor and howling in pain after his girlfriend spewed his toilet paper with pepper spray in her quest to get even.

The blonde woman douses a roll of toilet paper with pepper spray and returns it back to the bathroom for her payback from her bf’s previous prank.

She then waited for her beau to return home and use the loo.

The effect of the self-defense spray kicks in instantly as the man comes out holding his butt.

Squeaking in pain the guy asks: “What is it? What did you put on that? It burns.

He then shouts, “Don’t film me – go away. What kind of prank is this?” after learning what his girlfriend has done.

Feeling sorry for him, she offered ice to help ease the burning sensation or maybe not…

I feel awful for the guy, though I can’t help it but laugh. Poor guy, LOL!

Pepper spray can cause extreme pain and irritation. It is commonly used for self-defense.

H/T: Daily Star